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Welcome to the wonderful world of DIY natural soap making!

If you love natural soaps and would like to have a go at making them yourself, you can now try our recipes, which have been tried and developed over 20 years. It's a fun and creative process that results in a useful and luxurious end product! 

All recipes use 100% natural ingredients and are easy to follow. They are divided into levels of difficulty.

What do I receive?

A downloadable file in PDF format. All information is on a single page, which makes it easier to maintain an overview. 

When purchasing a recipe, you also get the FREE downloadable  Soapmaking Basics which lists important terms you need to be familiar with, safety and A COMPLETE SOAPMAKING CHECKLIST, a step-by-step guide you can print when making your soap, so that you don't miss a single step.

The aim of the recipe is for personal use, not to sell. If you do wish to sell soap made from our recipes, it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all EU regulations (or whichever region you reside in)

Happy crafting!

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