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Our story in a few words


Meet the soapmaker, Katja

I started making soaps back in 2000, a couple of years after the birth of my first child. It was after doing some research on the ingredients of various baby products, and I was shocked to find that some of these ingredients were said to be cancer-promoting and generally bad for you.  I set out to make my own baby soaps from the purest ingredients and one thing led to another. Today, we have a huge selection of vegan, natural soaps and have expanded to skincare and soy wax candles.

Until recently, the company was based in Denmark, but the move to Cyprus has been great and I'm looking forward to be able to incorporate many of the wonderful local plants and oils in our products.

Homemade Handmade is a family run business where we all pitch in. We are very happy to have opened our store here in Paphos as it is our new big step going forward! 

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Have a look at our beautiful store:

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