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Our story in a few words

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Homemade Handmade Soap Co. is a small family run business, originally from Denmark but have recently moved to Prague, after a five year detour to Cyprus. We can now accommodate our European customers with even more efficiency & speed! Katja started making all natural soaps back in 2000, at first only to friends and family, but as demand grew, she expanded her product line to include lotions, candles, and other bath and body products. Today, we deliver our natural products worldwide, with our main customer base in Europe.


Our products

We offer 100% handmade natural soaps, skincare products and soy wax scented candles. For the last couple of years we have also started offering personalised corporate gifts, Christening- & Wedding favours with great success.

Everything is made in small batches and most of the products are vegan, unless they contain beeswax, honey or goat milk.

Our soaps are made by the cold process method, the original, traditional method of making soap, which means that they cure for 4-6 weeks before they are ready to be packed and used. The slow ageing process yields a lovely lather and a much longer-lasting bar.


Our values & practises


We have stopped using palm oil in our products completely, as we couldn't be sure that the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified palm oil came from suppliers that are 100% deforestation-free. 


Fair Trade

We have a commitment to fair labor practices and want to ensure that workers throughout our supply chain are treated fairly. For this reason, we do NOT use Mica colours in our products, but only colour with clays & fruit powders etc. We have not been able to find full transparency and traceable mica chains to ensure that child labour has not been used.  

Eco Friendly

Most things we use for packaging are made from recycled materials, like our boxes & wrapping paper, and we re-use whatever packaging we can from our wholesale orders. We encourage our customers to reuse our containers and avoid single-use plastics.

Our Soaps & skin care products contain NO preservatives, parabens, artificial colours or fragrances, toxins or any other harmful ingredients, but only natural goodness that is beneficial to the skin. 

The soapmaker, Katja, at a market on a sunny day.

Meet the soapmaker, Katja

I started making soaps back in 2000, a couple of years after the birth of my first child. It was after doing some research on the ingredients of various baby products, and I was shocked to find that some of these ingredients were said to be cancer-promoting and generally bad for you.  I set out to make my own baby soaps from the purest ingredients and one thing led to another.


Over 20 years later, I still enjoy making soaps, discovering new ingredients and finding new creative ways to present our products.

When I'm not working, I use my creativity in photography and painting.

My personal favourite products: 

Anti-aging serum & Flower Power soap (my favourite soap changes with the season). They work wonders on my mature (50+) skin.



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