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Soap nuts used for natural laundry care, to wash the clothes with instead of washing powder. Washes the clothes efficiently and gently without damaging the environment.If used under 60 degree wash, the nuts can be reused several times and work best when open / halved. When they turn gray, they are discarded.Also suitable as animal shampoo. Comes with a drawstring bag.55grApproximately 40 washes

Soap nuts

  • Soap nuts are the shells of the fruit from the tree Sapindus Mukorosse. They contain the highly effective detergent Saponin, that the plant produces to protect the fruit from pest infestation.

    When the soap nuts get into water, the soap is released. Being so mild and containing no chemicals whatsoever, they can be used for both babies and allergy sufferers.

    If you wash at low temperatures, the shells can be reused. After washing above 60 degrees, they are thrown away. You can see if there is any soap left in the shells by wetting them - if they are greasy-glossy they can be dried and used again - otherwise they are discarded, preferably in the compost.

    They have a very faint nutty scent. If you prefer your wash to be scented, choose our version with lavender essential. Lavender essential oil is antibacterial.

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