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Silk cocoons contain natural proteins, 18 amino acids and collagen which are excellent for anti-aging and keeping skin supple and nourished, removing blemishes and dead cells. When gently massaging your face, the silk cocoons release Sericin, hailed for having anti-wrinkle, anti-aging benefits, as well as for promoting skin elasticity.

Use daily in the morning or before bedtime. 
Box contains cocoons for two week use. They can vary in size & colour. 

Silkworm Cocoons

  • A little background on the cycle of the silkworm: Silkworms hatch from eggs and begin as caterpillars called larva. Shortly after they are born, the caterpillars spin cocoons by spitting out strands of silk from their mouths, which are made up of saliva packed with nutrients from digested mulberry leaves. Once the caterpillars have been nestled inside the cocoon, they shed their skin to transform to their next phase: pupae. After a few weeks, the insect uses its spit to dissolve the cocoon and emerges as a moth.

    Having been soaked in warm water, the cocoon releases sericin, which acts as a thin film over the face, sealing in moisture to keep skin hydrated. It’s been shown to replenish collagen, the substance that keeps skin elastic.

    They are for all skin types, but more mature skins will greatly benefit from using these daily.

  • 1.Soak it in lukewarm water for about 5 -10 minutes until it becomes slightly softer & place it on a fingertip through opening (if the cocoon opening is too small, you can cut it wider with a scissor). 
    2.Massage face with it gently in circular motion, focusing especially on problem areas like, lines, acne spots, blackheads, sun damage... 
    3.Throw away the dirty cocoon and follow with your regular face cream/oil. Use once a day either morning or evening.  

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