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An olive oil soap with the musky, spicy and warm scent of sandalwood essential oil. It comes in a tin can which makes it easy to hold when using with a shaving brush and easy to bring with you on travels. Its rich foam and soothing effect on irritated skin makes it a very popular shaving soap for men.

It contains green clay that draws impurities from the skin and softening oatmeal.

Suitable for acne prone skin.

(The soap is sold without the brush).

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This soap is vegan.

Weight: Approximately 110gr

Sandalwood & Olive Shaving soap

  • Sandalwood is an essential oil with amazing skin benefits. It helps with dry, cracked skin, acne & eczema. It is a mild astringent which makes it suitable in a shaving soap to help soothe, tighten, and cleanse the skin.

     The oats provide a mild exfoliation while softening and soothing the skin.

    The green clay is rich in minerals and vitamins and among its many properties it is known to disinfect and soothe irritated and damaged skin.
    Clay also has the ability to draw impurities from the skin.

  • Saponified coconut- and olive oil, essential oils: sandalwood (amyris balsamifera), juniper (juniperus communis), glycerin, extra olive oil, green clay, oats, spirulina

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