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Presenting our 'Grooming Bliss' gift box FOR HIM – a natural and easy way to upgrade his daily routine. Packed with goodies made just for him:

  • Shaving Soap: A sandalwood & olive oil soap that makes shaving smooth and easy. It's gentle on the skin and leaves a refreshing and moisturised feeling.

  • Shaving Brush: A handy brush to lather up that shaving soap, giving a nice, even spread for a comfortable shave.

  • Beard & Shaving Oil: Keep his beard soft or make shaving smoother with this special oil. It's all-natural and helps take care of his skin.

  • Luffa Sponge: A small natural sponge to keep his skin feeling fresh. Great for exfoliating in the shower, leaving him with a clean, invigorated sensation.

This "Grooming Bliss" box is a thoughtful way to show him some love, making his daily grooming routine a little more natural and enjoyable.

Gift box FOR HIM

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