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Presenting our "For Her" gift box – a simple joy to make HER feel fantastic! Inside, discover four treats for an all natural self-care experience:

  • Gentle Flower Power Soap: A soothing soap to cleanse and leave her skin feeling soft. Great for face as well as in the shower. 

  • Natural Deodorant: Keep it fresh with a natural deodorant. An antibacterial Himalayan Salt heart or ball. 100% chemical free.  

  • Solid Cream Bar: A moisturizing cream in a compact bar. Just glide it on for smooth, hydrated skin without any fuss. With shea butter.

  • Fizzing Bath Bomb: Transform bath time into a spa-like escape with a fizzy bath bomb. Naturally scented with essential oils, it's a delightful way to unwind.

This 'Pamper Me' box is a thoughtful gesture for the wonderful woman in your life, providing simple pleasures to elevate her daily routine.

Gift box FOR HER

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