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Discover our Vegan, All-Natural Dog Soap/shampoo bar: A very mild soap with no scent at all and with as few ingredients as possible, designed to be gentle on your dog’s skin.
It lathers nicely & rinses clean. This soap transforms bath time into a gentle and cleansing experience, providing a naturally effective cleanse, while soothing dry skin. The high content of olive oil helps keep your dog's skin moisturized and well-nourished.

Suitable for use as a mild dog shampoo for allergies and itching. Gentle enough to use as a puppy shampoo and conditioner. Not just for dogs though! can also be used on other furry animals and humans too. 


Hold the bar in hand or use the pouch included & massage into fur.


Sulfate free, paraben free, no plastic waste.


Weight: approximately 50gr


You might want to check out our Paw balm:  HERE Great for protecting & nourishing dry, cracked skin.




Doggy soap

  • This soap is scent free and colourless.

  • Saponified coconut oil, saponified olive oil and extra olive oil added.


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