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All wedding/Christening/party favours can be personalised with your names, dates, event etc. and we work with you in finding the right colour, scent, wrapping and total look.

We can help you with ideas to suit your colour scheme/theme etc and can provide many different forms for packaging to suit your needs. 


Due to work load, we will have to plan well in advance & please remember that natural, handmade soap takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to cure before they can be used. 


wedding favours

    • Small Square soap: either wrapped or in a box
    • Cupcake soap: in a cake box
    • Soaps in shape of heart, round or other
    • Bath salt: in a tube with cork stopper
    • Cream: solid or whipped cream in a tin can
    • Scented soy wax candle: in a small glass jar or tin can
    • Massage oil: in glass bottle
    • Lip Balm: in small tin jar