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For all hair types.

A shampoo in solid form - easy to take on trips.

The base is coconut & castor oil with argan oil added at final stage to care for dry, split hair. All the essential oils in the shampoo have been especially selected for their benefits to hair and scalp.

Particularly good for itchy scalp and dandruff.


weight: approximately 85gr


Shampoo bar

  • The essential oils and their benefits:

    Lavender: Promotes hair growth, good for itchy scalp and dandruff, soothing on scalp, lice repellent.

    Sage: antiseptic, good for treating dandruff. 

    Cedarwood: normalizes dry and oily scalp, stimulates scalp, good for treating dandruff.

    Pine: Lice repellent, antiseptic.

    The shampoo has a fresh, clean scent. It is recommended to keep the bar dry between use as it will last longer.

    Can also be used as a soap for the whole body and face.

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