This antibacterial Soap on a Rope smells yummy like marzipan and is rich in skin healing E-Vitamin from the almond oil and bitter almond & cinnamon essential oils. It has an embedded luffa sponge and luffa powder, so great for exfoliation - removing those dead skin cells for a polished, brighter skin!

Vegan soap

Weight: approximately 95gr 

Luffa Soap on a Rope

  • This is a great exfoliation soap and the rope makes it very handy in the shower. Especially good for helping to remove cellulitis and suitable as a gardener's soap or for scrubbing dirty, oily hands.

    The essential oils have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and it is rich in vitamin E, which is known for its skin healing properties.

    Bitter almond oil is also know for brightening the skin tone.

    This soap should not be used directly on the face, but only the body because of the luffa powder. 

  • Saponified coconut- & almond oil, bitter almond and cinnamon essential oils, glycerin, olive oil, soap shavings from our Allergy Friendly soap, luffa powder, cocoa powder, an embedded luffa sponge