A skin stimulating and moisturising soap with cinnamon and orange essential oils. It's suitable for all skin types and especially mature, tired skin. The drizzle is cocoa butter & decorated with cornflowers and red peppercorns. Makes a beautiful gift for your special Valentine.

Weight: approx. 90gr

Note: This is not a vegan soap as it contains honey.

Be My Valentine soap

  • This beautiful soap has antiseptic and skin-stimulating essential oils of orange and cinnamon, while the rich honey and almond oil are moisturising and softening.
    The brown color of the soap comes from cocoa powder which also gives the scent a touch of cocoa.


    The ingredients of this soap follow a recipe of a traditional Danish honey cake in the shape of a heart that is usually decorated at Christmas with a small picture of an angel or Santa.

  • Saponified almond- & coconut oil (sodium prunus dulcis & sodium cocus nucifera ), honey, wheatgerm oil, glycerin, orange & cinnamon essential oils, vanilla, cocoa powder. Decorated with cocoa butter, cornflowers and red peppercorns.