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A moisturising facial serum with jojoba & argan oil, especially formulated for teenage & acne prone skin. It is a very concentrated serum with 6 different essential oils that are antibacterial, help to reduce inflammation and prevent acne breakouts.

To be used daily, a few drops, both morning & night on a clean face.

50ml amber glass dropper bottle.

face serum - acne prevention

  • Argan oil and clary sage stabilize the production of sebum to prevent acne breakouts, while the E-Vitamin and B-complex vitamins in the jojoba oil will help in skin repair.

    Clary sage essential oil is believed to promote skin health by addressing acne, oil production, and inflammation - It exhibits a cooling property that soothes skin afflicted with inflammation and it calms rashes.

    Tea tree oil is often used for treating acne because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It’s thought to calm redness, swelling, and inflammation

    Rosemary essential oil is known to be beneficial in efforts to eliminate oily skin, and acne by helping to reduce excess oil production and through its antibacterial properties.

    Lavender essential oil is anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and soothing to the skin.

    Both clove and ylang ylang essential oils are anti-microbial and ylang ylang is a great ingredient to have in a face oil, as it is well known for its ability to stimulate a natural glow.

    All the essential oils in combination with the argan oil, all do wonders for hair, which makes this face oil very suitable to use on dry hair and scalp. Rosemary, lavender & clary sage  are known to stimulate hair growth while the latter is also known to eliminating dandruff and preventing the production of excessive natural oils and sebum on the scalp.

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